About Red Tag Thursday

Red Tag Thursday Sales was a concept dreamed up by an entirely optimistic designer looking through her sparkling pair of rose-colored glasses, thinking of a way to do some sort of nice sale for her store. Not even two weeks later, other designers came knocking, wanting to know if they could do it too and as a result, Red Tag Thursday became a new weekly event.

The idea is pretty simple! For those who are in the group, the price per sale item is 75% off of the original price tag. What a steal! For those not in the group and agonizing over no groups you can leave, no worries! You still get a lovely 35% off, which is not a bad deal!

The event is, at this time, by invitation only and sanctioned stores will appear here on the website and our social media. We will strive to put together a weekly shopping guide for you with each week’s offered sales, hopefully by Wednesday so you can plan ahead.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our Red Tag Thursday and come visit!